I cordially greet you as the Governor of Kisumu County and offer a brief description of the region's economic, social and cultural viability. As one of the emerging and distinctive counties of the republic, Kisumu has a solid industrial, agricultural and tourism potential. There is a wide scope for improvement of these potentials to improve life and I assure you that my leadership will work towards achieving this goal.

The practice of recent years suggest that economic development and ultimately improving the life of every person in the County depends on the state of its own production, from domestic & foreign investments. With regard to the latter, political stability, social harmony, supportive legislative and fiscal environment are important for investors.

Important factors for the development of this region I believe are, developed transport system, availability of modern telecommunications and enhanced security. Kisumu as a County is rich in cultural traditions and unique natural environment that attracts tourism, fresh water lake for fishing and many more. Visiting this region leaves a lasting impression.

We welcome you to this interactive website as a guest, investor as well as a business partner. God bless you all.

H.E Jack Ranguma, Governor, Kisumu County

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