Water is life!Despite the county sitting at the shores of Lake Victoria,Kisumu people were seriously starved of clean water supply for many years.

Long queues at few water points and water vending carts were the most common features of our city.Women in the rural areas spent several hours on daily basis walking long distances to access water for domestic use from unprotected sources.

Today,our County enjoys surplus water supply,penetrating deep into the informal settlements of the city and rural areas.

We have also drastically reduced the distances travelled by our mothers to fetch clean water for domestic consumption.This we have done by sinking boreholes and extending piped water within our villages.

Because of increased access to clean water, our hospitals have registered drastic reduction in incidents of waterborne diseases and other related ailment.Some of the iniatiaves include:

  • Olasi water project in Nyando.
  •  Nyang’ande water project in Nyando
  •  Sang’oro gravity water supply phase 1 in Nyakach
  • Kunya water project in Kisumu East
  • Got Puth water project in Kisumu East
  • Nanga water project in Seme
  • Kapedo water kiosk in Kisumu Central
  • Extension of water pipeline in Nyakach, Sigoti, Usoma, Ango’ngo, Kibigori and Olembo
  •  Boreholes drilled in Lela, Nanga, Bolo, Angoro, Oriwore, Korwenje and Kamigwambo, Lolwe health centre.
  • Distribution of water tanks to Snr Chief Onunga school for the deaf, Nyalenda girls Primary School, Obumba secondary, Nyamarimba health centre, Kamagore Primary School, Rae Kajulu.Primary School, Ahero health centre and Kanyagwal health centre.

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